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ANGEL - PAGE (english)

by K. Föllner (

AngelJäger der Finsternis

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My mind:

Angel ran in Germany. The TV-station airing this series is the same as "Buffy": Pro Sieben. Title in Germany "Angel - Jäger der Finsternis" means about "Angel - Hunter (or Chaser) of Darkness".

Angel - The Picture
The history before Angel is mentioned on my Buffy-Page. But D. Boreanaz (Angel) and C. Carpenter (Cordelia) left "Buffy" to fight in "Angel" against vampires and demons in Los Angeles.

The Maker:
The most important person behind is Joss Whedon. He produce "Buffy tVS" & "Angel". He wrote some stories, made important screenplays and directed them. In 1989 and 1990 he wrote 6 scripts (of the second season) for "Roseanne". But he wasn't so successful in Movie-business. Though he was involved with writing the scripts to "Speed", "Alien Resurrection" and "Toy-Story".

Here is a list of all important actors, who appeared in more than two episodes. (played in season ...) Of all none-grey-coloured charakters are short descriptions below. Below are links of all actors to the International Movie-Database.

Angel (I...II) David Boreanaz (Biography-Page)
Cordelia Chase (I...II) Charisma Carpenter (Biography-Page)
Allen Francis Doyle (I) died in 1.09 Glenn Quinn (Biography-Page)
Kate Lockley (I...II) Elisabeth Rohm
Winifred "Fred" Burkle (II...III) Amy Acker
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (I...II) Alexis Denisof (Biography-Page)
Buffy Summers (I...II) Sarah Michelle Gellar (Biography-Page)
Faith (I...II) Eliza Dushku
Spike (I...II) James Marsters (Biography-Page)
Charles Gunn (I...II) J. August Richards
Lilah Morgan (I...II) Stephanie Romanov
Lindsey McDonald (I...II) Christian Kane
Darla (I...III)died in 3.09 Julie Benz
Holland Manners (I...II) died in 2.10 Sam Anderson
Drusilla (II) Juliet Landau
Lorne, host of Karaoke-Bar, the Anagogic-Demon (II) Andy Hallett
Virginia Bryce (II) Brigid Brannagh
Anne Steele (II) Julia Lee
Willow Rosenberg (II) Alyson Hannigan (Biography-Page)
Merl (II...III) killed in 3.03 Matthew James
killed Character deceased, use mouse to look in which episode)

Short description of the Main-Characters:
Angel About his history read in my Buffy-Page. After the separation he kills vampires in LA. He opened a P.I.-Agency there.
Cordelia Cordelia's history is on my Buffy-Page. She moved to LA to get an actress, she wanted never see any demons or vampires. But her choice wasn't lucky. There she has to help Angel with fighting, because Cordy got an important talent from Doyle, when he died.
Doyle Doyle is only a half man, because his father was a demon. He want lead Angel, so they come together with other people. He got visions of dangerous demons and could help his boss. He was killed later.
Kate Lockley Kate is a police-detective. Angel saved her life and later she found out, that he's a vampire.
Wesley Wesley Wyndam-Pryce's history is on my Buffy-Page. Because he failed in Sunnydale the Council fired him. Then he decided to be a free Demon-Slayer. He meet Angel in L.A. and chase demons together with Angel.
Lindsey McDonald Lindsey McDonald is a lawyer who works for "Wolfram & Hart". Angel obstructs his "Job" and so he tries to eliminate him.
Lilah Morgan Lilah Morgan: She works for "Wolfram & Hart" too.
Gunn Gunn: He is a Gang-Leader and kills vampires in his district. He helps Angel sometimes. an became a regular member of the team.
Darla Darla: The lawyers of "Wolfram & Hart" woke up her again to life. Later Drusilla bit her and she turned into a vampire again.

Additional Information:

Links to other Pages:

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The 10 signes you looking to much "Angel":

10. Always, when you go for a walk, it's night.
9. Though a woman (or a girl) hates you very much and your friends are against her, you let stay her in your apartment.
8. You have fear, if you see the sun.
7. If you find new friends, they have pain in the neck or they are demonic.
6. You meet old friends every few months and then only for a short time.
5. Your way are strongly influenced from prophecies and visions from one of your friends.
4. You live for many weeks in L.A. (or in similar climate) but your skin is still white.
3. You have nighmares and they play in earlier centuries.
2. You run after a ring because you want move in daylight.
1. Your girlfriend gets pregnant and puts on a lot of weight during some days.  

Excuse my bad English!

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