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BUFFY - PAGE (english)

by K. Föllner (

Buffy - The Vampire SlayerBuffy - Im Bann der Dämonen

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My mind:

Buffy slays vampires on german TV-station "Pro7" (Pro Sieben).


Buffy - The Vampire Slayer: First there was a movie with Kristy Swanson 1992. But Joss Whedon wroting the script was so disappointed, that he wanted to produce his own TV-series. Therefore Warner Brothers / 20th Century Fox shot (even on right celluloid) these TV-series with better Special-Effects, originality and jokes. The Special-Effects aren't super for today's conditions, but OK. But they became better in the last seasons. There are "force-representing" scenes in this show, so "Buffy" runs in the USA and in Canada in the evening on Mondays or Tuesdays.
The german title is "Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen", you can translate it with "Buffy - In spell of the demons".
Buffy is not "The Slayer" in Germany, she is "Die Jägerin". That means a female hunter and chaser.

The Chronicles

The Maker:

The most important person behind is Joss Whedon. He produce Buffy-tVS and writes some stories. He made the important screenplays of every starts and ends of the seasons and directed them. It was his idea of Buffy. In 1989 and 1990 he wrote 6 scripts (of the second season) for "Roseanne". But he wasn't so successful in Movie-business. Though he was involved with writing the scrpts to "Speed", "Alien Resurrection" and "Toy-Story".

Here is a list of all important actors, who appeared in more than two episodes. (played in season ...) (In order of importance. Of all none-grey-coloured charakters are short descriptions below. Below are links of all actors to a Movie-Database.

Buffy Anne Summers (I...VII) Sarah Michelle Gellar (Biography-Page)
Alexander "Xander" LaVelle Harris (I...VII) Nicholas Brendon (Biography-Page)
Willow Rosenberg (I...VII) Alyson Hannigan (Biography-Page)
Rupert "Ripper" Giles (I...VII) Anthony Stewart Head (Biography-Page)
Cordelia Chase (I...III) Charisma Carpenter (Biography-Page)
Angel / Angelus (I...V) David Boreanaz (Biography-Page)
Daniel "Oz" Osbourne (II...V) Seth Green (Biography-Page)
Joyce Summers (I...VI) died in 5.15 Kristine Sutherland
Hank Summer (Buffy's Dad) (I, II,V, VI) Dean Butler
Spike (II...VII)died in 7.22 James Marsters (Biography-Page)
Riley Finn (IV...V) Marc Blucas
Kendra (II) killed in 2.21 Bianca Lawson
Faith (III...IV, VII) Eliza Dushku
Jennifer "Jenny" Calendar (II) killed in 2.17 Robia LaMorte
Principal Snyder (principal #2) (II...III) killed in 3.22 Armin Shimerman
Harmony Kendall (I...V) Mercedes McNab
The Master (I) killed in 1.12 Mark Metctalf
Darla (I,V) killed in 1.07 Julie Benz
Anointed One (I...II) killed in 2.03 Andrew J. Ferchland
Drusilla (II,V) Juliet Landau
Amy Madison (I...IV, VI) Elizabeth Anne Allen
Anyanka / Anya Emerson (III...VI) Emma Caulfield
D'Hoffryn (III,IV,VI,VII) Andy Umberger
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (III) Alexis Denisof (Biography-Page)
Richard Wilkins 3. (Mayor) (III) killed in 3.22 Harry Groener
Mr. Trick (vampire) (III)getötet in 6.20 K. Todd Freeman
Ethan Rayne (II...IV) Robin Sachs
Jonathan Levinson (student) (II...IV, VI) killed in 7.07 Danny Strong
Larry (schoolboy) (II...III) killed in 3.22 Larry Bagby III
Percy (schoolboy) (III...IV) Etha Erickson
Willy the snitch (Barman) (II...IV) Saverio Guerra
Scott Hope (Buffy's boyfriend in school) (III) Fab Filippo
1st Principal Bob Flutie (I) killed in 1.06 Ken Lerner
Allan Finch (Deputy Mayor) (III) killed in 3.14 Jack Plotnick
Olivia (Giles' girlfriend) (IV) Phina Oruche
Professor Maggie Walsh (IV) killed in 4.13 Lindsay Crouse
Tara Maclay (IV...VI)killed in 6.20 Amber Benson
Adam (IV) killed in 4.21 George Hertzberg
Dawn (Buffy's sister) (V...VII) Michelle Trachtenberg
Parker Abrams (student) (IV) Adam Kaufman
Graham (Riley's friend) (IV...V) Bailey Chase
Forest (Riley's friend) (IV) killed in 4.19 Leonard Roberts
Glory (V) Clare Kramer
Ben the doctor (V) Charlie Weber
Dreg the servant of Glory (V) Kevin Weisman
Quentin Travers of the Watcher's Council (III,V, VII) killed in 7.09 Harris Yulin
Warren (student) (V, VI) killed in 6.20 Adam Busch
Andrew (student) (VI) Tom Lenk
Halfrek / Hallie (demon) (VI, VI) killed in 7.05 Kali Rocha
Clem (doggy-demon, friend of Spike) (VI,VII) James C. Leary
Rack (witchcraft master) (VI) killed in 6.21 Jeff Kober
Principal Robin M. Wood (VII) D.B. Woodside
Kennedy (VII) Iyari Limon
Amanda (VII) Sarah Hagan
killed Character deceased, use mouse to look in which episode)

Short description of the Main-Characters:
Buffy Buffy Summers is the chosen Vampire-Slayer. She moved with her mother from L.A. to Sunnydale, because she burned down the gym of her old School. Sunnydale is the town beside the Hellmouth and it's her duty to kill all demons there, but she has to save her secret. After the 1st season the Slayer was supported by Angel a vampire. Later she fell in love with him. After the separation he met Riley.
Angel Angel is over 200 years older than Buffy. His real name is Angelus and he was bitten in 1753. His soul was restored by a curse in 1898. Because he had Sex with Buffy he lost his soul (2.14) and became Angelus again. So Buffy must kill him, but he came back (3.03) later. Then he separated from her (3.22) and went to LA.
Xander Alexander "Xander" Harris is a very sarcastic friend of Buffy. He was the first one, who recognized her secret. So he tries to help her and sometimes he's successful. So he could save her life. He had knowledge of weapons, because he was a soldier.(2.06) Maybe the quarrel between Xander and Cordelia is one reason that both come together. After the separation he's together with Anya.
Cordelia Cordelia Chase is an bitchy and spoilt, who says, that she thinks (always!). She got a team-member and Xander's girl-friend. Later she separate from him, because he kissed Willow. Then she moved to LA, there she wants to be an actress.
Willow Willow, an old "friend" of Xander, helps Buffy, but specially Giles by reading and investigating in Internet and old books. She is interested in magic and witchcraft. First she loved Xander, but later (in the 2nd season) she mets and loves Oz. When he went away, she got together with Tara.
Oz Oz is a member of the Rock-Band "Dingoes Ate My Baby", which plays in Club "BRONZE". But his biggest problem is the werewolf inside him. So he became a regular member of the slayer-team. He left Sunnydale to learn, how he can control "his wolf-part".
Giles Rupert Giles is "The Watcher" and has to help, coach, advise and watch the slayer. (In Germany he's "der Wächter", means about the guard.) He is the librarian in Buffy's school. In his past he was busy with demons and bad magic. Though Giles was fired, he helps Buffy. He loved Jenny Calendar.
Jenny Calendar Jenny Calendar is the teacher of computer science in this school. Her real name is Shanna and she is a descendant of gypsy-family, which restored the soul of Angelus. So she helped Giles until she was killed (2.17) by Angelus whose soul she wanted restore again.
Kendra (second slayer) Kendra is the second vampire-slayer, because Buffy was dead for some minutes. Her character is the opposite of Buffy's one: serious, strong, sometimes shy, but cool and hard. She was killed by Drusilla later (2.21). So the next slayer Faith came to Sunnydale. 
Faith (second slayer after Kendra) Faith is the 2nd slayer after Kendra. Her character is wild and aggressive. But she chose the wrong way and allied with the mayor. So Buffy fought against her. (3.22) The result: She falled into a coma and woke up later (4.15.). Then she went to LA to kill Angel. The police put her in jail.
Harmony Harmony Kendall was in the same Gang leading Cordelia before she was the girl-friend of "Loser Xander". Harmony, who went to the same school, has the same arrogant character as Cordelia. She was bitten by a vampire in episode 3.22 and after that she got together with spike for a short time.
Amy Another schoolmate is Amy. Her favorite hobby is the witchcraft, so she helped Xander with a love spell. Her mother left her this capability. She knows Buffy's secrets too. But she was transformed in a rat later, so she lives with Willow.
Anya (Anyanka) In the third season Anya came as a new schoolgirl to Sunnydale. She is Anyanka, the Patron Saint of Scorned Women. (born in 878 AD) She grant wishes with help of her amulet. Because Giles destroyed it in another reality, she lost her power and became a "normal" girl.  He is together with Xander.
Wesley Wesley Wyndam-Pryce is the new Watcher who shall replace Giles after the test, which the former watcher didn't passed. But Buffy "fired" him, because he didn't help Angel. Because Faith went the wrong way he was fired. (later he goes to LA)
Spike William the Bloody called Spike is a powerful vampire, he was bitten in 1880 AD by Drusilla. He came to Sunnydale to kill the slayer. After the final fight with both Slayers he was so weak, that he needed a wheelchair for a short time. Later Spike comes back to Sunnydale and LA, but he couldn't kill Buffy.
Drusilla (Spikes girlfriend) Spike came with Drusilla who was bitten by Angelus. At first Drusilla was absolute weak, but through Angel's blood she got new power and could use her supernatural talents, like clairvoyance and hypnosis. But she separated from Spike.
The Master The Master was a very old vampire, who tried to open the hellmouth again with other vampires, to got his old power. His "real" name Heinrich Joseph Nest was never mentioned in TV. He was killed by Buffy.
Darla One of the masters favorite followers was Darla (over 400 years old). She is the "creator" of Angelus. Darla tried to convince Angel of union with the master in vain. Angel killed her, as she wanted to kill Buffy.
Anointed One The Master used the help of a little boy, called Colin. He is the Anointed One, who advise him. Buffy was not able to kill him. So he tried after Master's dead his resurrection, but he was not successful. Spike killed him.
Ethan Rayne Ethan Rayne, an old "friend" of Giles visit Sunnydale sometimes. Then this town with their inhabitants are in danger. He uses magic to do his "Job". 
Principal Snyder The main job of principal Snyder is Buffy getting out from High-School. He was successful (in the end of 2nd season). He is the second principal since Buffy arrived in Sunnydale. His predecessor was B. Flutie, but he was eaten. Snyder got his instructions by the mayor until he was eaten by Wilkins.
Mr. Trick The Mayor knows Mr. Trick, a black vampire. But he didn't help his master Kakistos, so Faith could kill him, to got his Job.
Mayor Richard Wilkins III. The demonic mayor came up with his name Richard Wilkins III. in the 3rd season. Before he was only a dark character, which knows every secrets of the hellmouth. When he turned in a demon Buffy could kill him.
Joyce Summers Joyce Summers is Buffy's mother. Very late (in the 2nd season) Buffy told her the truth, that she's the vampire-slayer. Joyce had so many problems with it, that Buffy ran away. After her return Joyce tries to accept it. She meets Buffy rarely, who lives in a dorm.
Riley Finn Riley Finn got to know Buffy in the library of UC Sunnydale. He is a tutor of Prof. Walsh and a member of the "Initiative". He's together with Buffy.
Maggie Walsh Prof. Maggie Walsh lectures on Psychology in UC Sunnydale. She's the leader of the "Initiative", a secret association for scientific researching of demons and vampires. She was killed by her invention Adam.
Tara Tara is a witch and meet Willow in a wicca group the first time. Her mother was a witch too. She is together with Willow.
Adam Adam has a kybernetic and demonic body and was made by Prof. Walsh. He has much power, strength and capabilities. Adam believes, his destination is the destruction of life on earth.
Dawn Dawn is Buffy's little sister.

Additional Information:

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Do you look to much "Buffy tVS"?  the complete obession-list of Nika Summers

My favorites of this list:
10. You wear crosses every day and have a vast selection of them.
9. You whittle wooden stakes.
8. You ask a priest to bless your bottle of Perrier.
7. You never verbally invite anyone into your home.
6. You decide to be Buffy for Halloween but your friends don't notice a change.
5. When watching a new Buffy episode, people gawk at you when you manage to say the actor's lines right before they do.
4. When given an egg for parenting in Sex Ed. class you smash it with something heavy.
3. You take long walks in the cemetery at night.
2. You use a Thesulan Orb as a paperweight.
1. You legally change your name to Buffy Summers or another character from the show.

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